How to calculate the power generation of solar photovoltaic power generation system? How can I receive revenue from Taipower?

Solar photovoltaic power generation equipment output to the Taipower company electricity, is based on AC.
In conjunction with the Taipower company will be in parallel with the measurement of a standard meter, power generation value will be record on the this meter.
Taipower will regularly meter reading, and set up with the regular settlement and sale of electricity after the completion of the application process. The above period is based on the provisions of the purchase and sale of the contract, in principle, set the capacity of 100kW or more than the monthly meter reading billing 1, less than 100kW is 2 months meter reading billing 1 times.
Sending a notice and other documents to be stamped (subject to the provisions of the business area), the seal will be sent back, Taipower will be the amount of the notice to the designated account.