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After installation of solar ph..
According to the "Renewable Energy Development Regulations" promulgated on July 8, 1998, unless the local feeder is insufficient or there is considerable obstacle and can not be connected in parallel by the central competent autho..<more>
How to sell electricity to Tai..
Natural person exempt from business registration, and exempt from business tax who sales of less than NT 80,000 average every month.  Fill in the "personal trade information declaration" to the natural person, and by the nat..<more>
Taipower to ensure the acquisi..
Acquisition period of Taipower after the expiration of the contract, there are roughly two options: 1, continue to sign with the Taipower company to sell electricity, but the acquisition period changed to 5 years, the rate is based on Ta..<more>
Install solar photovoltaic pow..
The Government pledged to purchase renewable energy for up to 20 years for promote solar energy and other renewable energy. Taipower will acquire electricity in accordance with the applicable rates at the time of signing the contract withi..<more>
How to calculate the power gen..
Solar photovoltaic power generation equipment output to the Taipower company electricity, is based on AC. In conjunction with the Taipower company will be in parallel with the measurement of a standard meter, power generation value will be..<more>
What time is the purchase pric..
The rate applicable to the installer is based on the date of "Trial Run in Parallel". Although the construction period will vary depending on the location of the setting, the capacity, the climatic conditions, and the degree of c..<more>